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, it's a big deal. in fact, d.c. mayor vince gray says the whole city is on track to be back up and running tomorrow. the biggest impact, according to the mayor, the downed trees we mentioned. 187 of them down all across the city. more than 100 folks had to spendthe night in shelters. now the city is working to get those people back home by tomorrow. only two traffic signals remained out as of this morning. pepco says they hope to have any remaining power outages fixed by tomorrow evening as well. the mayor says keeping the city closed today was the right thing to do. >> i think it has remarkably facilitated our cleanup operations with trees down in some of the streets, people trying to traverse those streets. i have absolutely no reservations about having had a second day of the city being shut down. >> for the d.c. public schools, several did suffer some minor water damage. that's from leaks or what they're calling water intrusion. crews are getting those classrooms dried out. the district's hoping to have all the public schools back open just in time for class tomorrow. >> ma
towns along with newark and atlantic city, a lot of damage here. look behind me at ocean view. some of those people with no power. the lights you see are our lights. when we leave they are in darkness again. and no power means no heat, no cell phone service. just about nothing out here. we've seen some light come back on but nothing over here in the ocean view area. also a lot of flooding over here. we saw people putting out furniture and wet clothing, items that have been destroyed. we saw people pumping water out of their basements here in ocean view. they have come out and talked to us. one of the major concerns is because there is no power, but in the business districts as well, there is no gas. they can't pump gas here. so you see long lines. we showed it to you last night. they are concerned this can't go along and be allowed to last for many longer because people lose their minds when there is no gasoline for four or five days. they are asking the federal government to get some portable generators out here. >> thank you for giving us a pulse on how they are faring up north. >
york city. that's after agents said they caught the 21-year-old student trying to set up a terror cell online. he was arrested yesterday after trying to detonate the fake explosives. >>> another dramatic gay in a courtroom of prince george ice county with two police officers accused of solving the university of maryland's student taking the stand for their own defense. >> reporter: with the second of two police officers accused of assaulting the maryland student testifying today in his own defense. responding to questions asked by his attorney. the officer said that he was initially concerned by john mckenna's bizarre behavior. at the university of maryland -- the university of maryland student walked down the street waving his arm. during the rocket's celebration of maryland's victory over duke on march 3, 20 so. officer harrisson said that he began hitting him with his baton after seeing him punch baker in the head with a clinched fist, containing what officer harrison claimed he thought could have been a weapon. >>> out on the campaign trail today, the former president bill clinton
flooding with that track. it goes a little farther south between atlantic city and new york this is track number three at a 30% chance. now we get 20-40 miles an hour winds and an inch of rain. i still think we will escape the flooding with this track. scenario number four 308% chance. now comes across the delmarv. and into portions of southeast ta and maryland. this is the worst scenario. now we have 30-40 miles an hour. the timetable is still in fact monday night into tuesday. latest track still parallel to southeast coast. that is good. what is bad it starts to turn right around as it gets to the hatteras area it turns and tries to make this left turn as we get into monday night and tuesday. even when it becomes extra tropical they expect it will be a stronger storm. pressure may be longer. still 60 miles an hour winds on tuesday as the storm moves over the northern bay. so this is not good. this is almost not quite the worst scenario but pretty close. because the windshields are big it doesn't matter where it hits. we'll talk about that and the preps you can do. >> we'll hope for the
the boardwalks and forecasters are warning the whole new york city region could now face the worst of this hurricane with the potential to flood parts of manhattan, flood subway tunnels and even cripple communication systems. >>> closer to home one storm- related death was reported from an accident in montgomery county. also the federal government will be closed tomorrow as will most school systems in our area including d.c., alexandria and fairfax, prince george's, charles, frederick and montgomery county schools there. we see bruce johnson getting ready to talk to us from rehoboth. you can see the whole list of school closings at >> as you might imagine, all the flights at the local airports have been canceled until further notice, as has the vre, mark rail, amtrak train -- marc rail, amtrak trains and that's for tomorrow. we also know metro will not have service in the morning. they will reassess and decide later on when the subway and buses will start to run again, but as of now you should be at home. >> that's right. they're not going to make that decision to ge
stafford, go across quantico shortly. this heavy activity has moved through between dale city and also alexandria and old town, but still pretty heavy activity across the river headed for la plata coming down 301. it's going to be a slow go. remember, when your windshield wipers are on, your headlights have to be on. we'll come back, talk about how cold it's going to get behind the frontal boundary and when these showers finally clear out. >>> still ahead some crazy scary video, a stunt goes all wrong and it's all caught on camera. >> plus we've got an update on that 14-year-old girl sh by the taliban because she was trying to encourage young girls to get their education. >>> a young pakistani girl shot in the head by the taliban is in england tonight where she's receiving medical treatment. 14-year-old malala yousufzai will get specialized care to help recover from the brutal taliban attack she managed to survive last week. a gunman fired on malala hitting her in the head as she rode home on the school bus. the taliban targeted the teen for promoting the ed case of girls -- education
of the problem in the past has been corruption. >> the district nearly $1 billion city center development is going up in downtown. >> there will be mixed income housing, retail. >> the mayor chose the site to announce the small local businesses are now getting a big piece of the action. >> we believe by the time this is finished, experienced $195 million in opportunities on this project. >> so why make a big deal out of who works on this job? for starter, the unemployment rate is 9%. roughly 35,000 people who live in d.c. don't have jobs. that doesn't include the people who stopped looking for work. >> currently, we have over 72 employees. i think with the four hires we did this week. >> running a small glass insulation company until he sparter inned partnered with a firm to install windows at city center. >> with this project, other projects in d.c. that we have been doing through the program. we roam from 0 to $50 million a year in revenues. >> announced some reforms aimed at rooting out agreement, whereby small companies are illegal fronts for major firms trying to siphon off
like that about somebody trying to get a marriage license at city hall saying they're worthy of death is very inappropriate. >> reporter: inflamed passions have included this prince george's county police captain irene hukkins who hopes to marry her partner in maryland and sent an e-mail blast saying this type of defensive behavior will not fly in maryland. >> those who practice such things are deserving of death. >> reporter: meanwhile pastor robert anderson has not responded to requests for interviews to explain his worthy of death comments about same sex marriage. scott broom, 9 news now. >> late today derek mccoy issued a written statement that says, "any attempt to imply that dr. anderson's reading of scripture was a call to harm gays and lesbians was false and serves as a distraction from the real issues of this campaign." anderson says his group is committed to the dignity and respect of all people, but that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman. >>> tomorrow supporters and opponents of that same sex marriage referendum plan to rally at galludet university in d.c., b
has been a real thrill for charlie. >> it's bringing the city closer together. it's really exciting! >> reporter: though he's not officially associated with the nationals, charlie likes to consider himself the team's unofficial ambassador. >> i always wanted to be an ambassador. >> reporter: he's friendly with the team's owners and goes to about 20 games a year. in fact, he's planning on being at the game tonight against the phillies when the nats hope to clinch the division. >> everybody loves to associate, be associated with a winner. >> reporter: what's more, charlie has been asked to be the honorary public address announcer for the team's first playoff game. >> let's play ball. >> reporter: when asked if he ever thought a washington squad would be the best team in baseball, charlie answered with his typical honesty and enthusiasm. >> impossible, absolutely unquivocally no. >> reporter: in takoma park, matt jablow, 9 news now. >> glad they're proving him wrong. during his long and varied career charlie has been the announcer for the last 14 presidential inaugural parades. >>
. >>> all right d.c. drinkers, you will have the opportunity to party all night this weekend. the city is putting a new policy into effect allowing extended bar time the day before a holiday. that means sunday night into monday, columbus day, bars can serve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. 42 bars and restaurants have permission to do that. the move could raise $3 million in revenue from all that alcohol sales. >> we have never seen a spike like this. this is brand-new territory. >> talking gas prices there. they shot up an average of 17 cents overnight in the state of california. now while the median price is now $4.49, some gas stations are charging $6 a gallon. the so-called perfect storm in california is causing all this. recent fire at a refinery, a power failure at another plant, and also a pipeline shutdown. by the way, here in the d.c. metro, we are paying about $3.73 a gallon on average. >>> ground breaking today for the district 7 police station in prince georges. it's out on fort washington road near livingston road. chief mark mcgraw says this will bring officers into the heart of
into sunday. also they had make a chill hi day, but a bright and brisk day in kansas city for the ravens. we will zoom in a little bit more with some showers and clouds earlier this morning. they have gone and we are looking at clear skies and a very nice evening. temperatures, well, we are still in the 70s in many spots. 56 in gaithersburg and 59 in fairfax. 7 be in articling -- 7 be in -- 73 in arlington and 71 in bowie. >>> less humid on friday, perfect. a late shower is possible for the turps game as we may not be able to get through the second half without a couple of showers. still very warm for you on saturday. chilly and wet for the redskins. i will keep knocking down the temperatures. not a pretty sight. tonight clear, breezy, cooler. 54 to about 5 it does the winds will -- 52 and the winds will continue west. by the morning, mostly sunny and mild, no jackets required. 50s and 60s, winds are northwest at 10. by the afternoon, mostly sunny, less humid, just gorgeous. high temperatures are 80 to 85. the winds had turn a little bit at 10. the next three days, we will keep it code green
later tonight as it lifts northward. we see a couple showers south of st. mary's city. that is generally light activity. so, warming up. at's the good news. a shower or thunderstorm still possible tonight. fog develops overnight. warmer on wednesday. and a very, very nice finish to the week. a little more like september than october. for tonight, mostly cloudy, mild, shower or storm possible. low temperatures in the 60s. winds will become southwesterly at 10. by morning, now it may take all morning, but skies will become partly sunny and warm. fog in the morning, 60s and 70s. winds southwest at 10. the payoff will be the afternoon. partly sunny and warmer. yes, a shower or storm still possible. high temperatures around 85 and winds out of the south at 10 to 15 with a warm front goes through, you'll notice the pick up. warmer everywhere. 68 in oakland. 80 in hagerstown. 81 in winchester. warmest spot, 86 in culpeper. 84 in warrenton, manassas, leesburg, maybe 85 in fairfax. 85 downtown. 83 by the water for annapolis. and we're looking at 85 up in gaithersburg. right now, no small craft ad
city, robin roberts goes home. >> it's overwhelming to see the sky. >> the gma host bald but visibly weak and able to dance. >> vp hopeful, paul ryan all pumped up. the just released photos before the debate. >> plus all the candidates awkward moments caught on camera. >>> justin bieber with a gun and selena. j.r.'s markest days, fighting cancer, eating through a feeding tube. what larry hagman told "e.t." >> i lost 35 pounds. >> i was getting fed through a feeding tube. >> we're on the set with j.r. and his tv son. >> cheers week with sam and diane and the behind the scenes secrets you've never heard
? >>> from new york city, newlywed blake lively's first public appearance since saying "i do." >> life is great. >>> whatever happened to shelley long? >> he looks kind of familiar. >> sam and diane together again. >> i hate you. >> are you as turned on as i am? >> more! >> they're long-awaited reunion and the truth behind shelley's "cheers" exit. >> they didn't offer me that until i had already made my decision to leave.
shuttle discovery make its final flight over the city. today los angeles is coming out to watch space shuttle endeavour crawl to its final home. the retired shuttle is going 2 miles an hour on a two-day journey to the california science center where it will go on display. many trees had to be cut down to accommodate the shuttle's width. >>> after the break topper has your weekend forecast plus a look at just how cold it drops tonight. 9news continues on a friday night. >>> we are just over an hour away from the nats' elimination game against the defending world champion cardinals. let's head back to nats park with dave owens. we don't want to think about elimination, day. >> reporter: nope, we're not thinking about elimination. one last check of the game right before we get things started joined by paul white, usa today, national baseball reporter. paul, i always like to catch up with you in these situations. you've seen a lot of games. take me back to last night. what is it like on one of your greatest games because it was certainly special? >> it was kind of going along. the tensio
like new york city, just some showers and clouds for us. each of those lines represent a computer model forecast. a couple of them take it harmlessly out to sea, but you can see some con fluents taking it north and west. remember we're four days out. we won't be able to pinpoint it just yet. this would be a disasterous track by philadelphia. anything north of new york would be pretty much their problem. it would be a big problem for new england tuesday and wednesday this. storm reminds us a little of the perfect storm. here's more on that with erica grow. >> it's a very rare movement for a tropical system called retrograde and it looks familiar to new englanders who survived the perfect storm of 1991. the storm was so destructive and unusual that a book was written about it followed by the release of a movie starring george clooney. the perfect storm happened right around halloween in 1991. it was the result of hurricane grace getting swept into a large nor'easter type storm causing it to gain size and wind speed as it slowly moved westward toward new england. 75-mile an hour winds and
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16